Alphalyse steps up with two new employees

4 November 2016

As of 1st of November, Alphalyse welcomes two new colleagues; Fen Yang and Lis Jakobsen.

Fen and Lis join our team of highly dedicated protein scientists. Thus, they will take on the responsibility of helping our customers within the biopharmaceutical industry solve protein analysis issues – mainly related to protein characterization and quantification. The two new employees bring many years of experience within protein analysis using mass spectrometry technology:

Fen Yang Ph.D.

Fen holds a Ph.D. degree within protein chemistry. She has 5 years of post doc experience working on protein expression, purification and characterization. Furthermore, Fen was involved in a number of projects involving down-stream processing of protein biologics. View on LinkedIn

Lis Jakobsen Ph.D.

Lis holds a Ph.D. degree from the Biochemistry & Molecular Biology department at the University of Southern Denmark (SDU). During her Ph.D. she worked on proteomics characterization of the Human Centrosome. Additionally, Lis has 4 years of post doc experience working on a variety of projects. Projects, which all involved high-end mass spectrometry instrumentation. View on LinkedIn

About Alphalyse

Alphalyse experiences a fast growing interest for detailed characterization and accurate quantification analysis of proteins from our customers. Follow us on LinkedIn

Our aim is to help our clients and deliver fast and high quality services. Therefore, we constantly develop new analysis methods for protein biopharmaceuticals. To do so, we use a variety of protein purification and analysis methods in combination with top-of-the-line mass spectrometry. Thus, we are exited to welcome Fen and Lis, who will both be involved in development of new analysis methods as well as in daily service of our many customers.