Analysis of disulfide bridges of mAb

Disulfide bridge analysis of monoclonal antibodies

Do you want to know the number and position of disulfide bridges of mAb (monoclonal antibody)?

We offer to determine the number and position of disulfide bridges of mAb. We do this by disulfide mapping.

Disulfide analysis is an important part of characterizing recombinant monoclonal antibodies. The ICH Q6B guidelines require that you list the of number and position of disulfide bridges.

Our service includes:

Part 1: Determine the number of disulfide bridges and free sulfhydryl groups.

  • We find the exact molecular weight of non-reduced mAb (intact bridges). This is determined by ESI-MS.
  • We find the exact molecular weight of reduced mAb (broken bridges). This is determined by ESI-MS.

Part 2: Position of disulfide bridges of mAb determined by peptide mapping of non-reduced and reduced form.

  • We digest any non-reduced mAb with 2-4 enzymes. Then we perform peptide mapping by LC-MS/MS.
  • We digest reduced mAb with 2-4 enzymes. Afterwards, we perform peptide mapping by LC-MS/MS.

We use conditions to keep scrambling effects to a minimum. 

Why not combine this analysis with our other mAb characterization services? For example: Molecular weight of mAb • De-novo sequencing of mAb. Peptide mapping of antibodies.

Or send us a project request so we can design the analysis to meet your specific needs.

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Disulfide bridge analysis of mAb

  • Number of disulfide bridges
  • Exact MW of non-reduced and reduced mAb
  • Position of disulfide bridges
  • Peptide mapping 2-4 enzymes and LC-MS/MS
  • Comparison with theoretical sequence of mAb
  • Experiment design and price depends on mAb

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