Peptide mapping of mAb

Sequence confirmation of monoclonal antibody by LC MS

Do you need a sequence confirmation by high-coverage peptide mapping of mAb?

We offer to make a carefully designed peptide mapping of your mAb. Peptide mapping is used to confirm the amino acid sequence of monoclonal antibodies. Based on the aa sequence of your specific antibody we will select 2-5 digest enzymes for the experiment. This will ensure that we get almost 100% sequence coverage.

You can use the analysis for:

  • Process optimization: Use it to perform batch-to-batch comparison of sequence and modifications.
  • Biosimilars: Use  it to compare the sequence and modifications against originator mAb.

This is what our service includes:

  • We digest your sample with 2-5 enzymes.
  • We perform peptide mapping of mAb. We do this by nano LC MS MS or UV LC MS MS.
  • We compare to expected amino acid sequence. This includes comparison with a number of modifications.
  • You will receive a total sequence coverage map. Both for heavy chain and light chain.
  • The report includes a calculation of sequence coverage in percent.

Perhaps you want to combine with other mAb characterization services? We also offer: Molecular weight of mAbDisulfide analysis of mAb. • De-novo sequencing of mAb.

You can also send us a request if you need a custom service.

Protein analysis by Alphalyse

Antibody peptide mapping

  • Digestion with 1-3 enzymes, e.g. trypsin, Lys-C
  • UV LC-MS/MS, 90 min gradient
  • Common modifications included, e.g. deamidation, oxidation, truncations
  • Sequence coverage generally 75-100%

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