Multiple Reaction Monitoring

for absolute or relative protein quantification

The Alpha-Quant™ assays developed by Alphalyse

  • Do you want to quantify specific proteins in a complex mixture?
  • Do you not have an ELISA assay or suitable antibody for quantification?

The high sensitivity and specificity of Multiple Reaction Monitoring (MRM) is of great advantage. That is why we use it for selective quantification of specific proteins in very complex mixtures. This technique provides both identification and quantification of the specific analyte. Furthermore, it is complementary to rtPCR, Western blotting and ELISA.

Advantages of Multiple Reaction Monitoring (MRM)

The Alpha-Quant™ assays developed by Alphalyse have several advantages over other protein quantification methods. Advantages compared to methods like HPLC and antibody based ELISA assays include:

  • Direct LC MS/MS measurement of analytes. – Not indirect measurement of protein-antibody binding.
  • Multiplex analysis. – We can measure multiple peptides/proteins in same LC MS run.
  • High reproducibility (5% CV) of relative quantification, when combined with internal standards.

We develop the LC MS/MS analysis specifically to your protein, peptides and project. As we analyze your samples on a fee-for-service basis, please contact us to receive a quote.

Protein analysis by Alphalyse

Quantification of specific protein by MRM LC-MS/MS

  • Quantification of one specific protein in complex matrices
  • Identification and qualification of signature peptides
  • Selection and synthesis of Stable Isotope Peptides
  • Quantification by MRM LC-MS/MS

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