Quantification of free Amino Acids

Amino acid analysis service without hydrolysis

Are you looking for quantification of free amino acids in your sample?

Accurate determination of free amino acids is needed for raw materials in food and consumer products. Optimization of fermentation processes and analysis of traces of amino acids are other areas that benefit from accurate determination of amino acids.

Our scientists can help you analyze for free amino acids already present in your sample. Thus the sample is not hydrolyzed prior to amino acid analysis.

If your sample also contains proteins, we include a purification step to remove proteins prior to the analysis.

This is what our service includes:

  • First step is removal of proteins by precipitation prior to analysis.
  • (No hydrolysis of sample).
  • Next, we perform ion exchange chromatography on an amino acid analyzer.
  • Quantification of 20 amino acids with an accuracy of +/- 10%.
  • We deliver a report within 4-8 days.

Do you need to quantify the total protein or purified protein? Then you should have a look at our other services for quantification of protein.

Do you need a high accuracy?

If you need a higher accuracy than +/- 10%, we can perform triplicate analysis for very accurate protein/peptide concentration determination.


We present results in easy-to-understand reports in  just 4-8 days

Our reports present your data in nice tables and graphs. Take a look at the pictures below for examples on how we present your analysis results.

Fast and easy quantification of protein

PICK ‘n POST™ quantification of free amino acids

  • Removal of proteins prior to analysis, no hydrolysis
  • Quantification of 20 standard amino acids
  • Accuracy within +/- 10%


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