Purified protein quantification

Quantification of pure proteins and peptides by amino acid analysis

We offer PICK ‘n POST™ quantification of purified protein & peptide samples

First, we hydrolyze the protein sample into free amino acids and separate them by ion exchange chromatography. Then, we derivatize with nihydrin, and quantify the amino acids. Finally, we determine 18 amino acids; these are the standard 20 amino acids except for tryptophan and cysteine, where we determine asparagine as aspartic acid and glutamine as glutamic acid. We also calculate the microgram protein quantity from the summed quantity of the individual amino acids. The picomole protein quantity is calculated with the estimated protein Mw you provide.

You can use this service for fast concentration determination of protein stock solutions.

This service includes:

  • You provide the protein and its estimated Mw.
  • We perform hydrolysis of the sample into free amino acids.
  • Ion exchange chromatography on an amino acid analyzer.
  • Quantification of 18 amino acids with accuracy within +/- 10%.
  • You receive the report within 4-8 days with the calculated protein content in micrograms and in picomoles.


You may want to have a look at our Biopharmaceutical Analysis services for more accurate triplicate amino acid analysis against a known protein sequence, and quantification of specific proteins in complex samples using LC MS/MS. We can also quantify the total protein or perform analysis of free amino acids already present in the sample. Look here for our other services for protein concentration determination

Examples of tables and graphs in report:

Fast and easy quantification of protein

PICK ‘n POST™ quantification of purified protein

  • Hydrolysis of protein into free amino acids
  • Quantification of 18 amino acids, accuracy within +/- 10%
  • Calculation of mg protein amount (picomole amount if protein Mw is provided)


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