Identify single proteins by MALDI MS

Identification of single protein excised from 1D and 2D gels

We offer PICK ‘n POST™ identification of single protein by MALDI MS-MS analysis

Would you like to identify the single most abundant protein present in a 1D gel band or 2D gel spot? We can help you identify this protein by its mass spectrometric peptide fingerprint. Just send us the gel band/spot. Then we perform trypsin in-gel digestion. Which is followed by MALDI MS and MALDI MS-MS analysis of the most abundant peptides.

We search your data against a public protein database from NCBI or UniProt. These databases contain aa sequences for more than 80 million proteins. Furthermore, each month the databases are updated to consider all known proteins.

Our service includes:

  • You provide us with gel band/spot for analysis.
  • We then perform in-gel reduction/alkylation and trypsin digest.
  • We run a MALDI MS and MS/MS analysis.
  • This is followed by a MASCOT search in NCBI/UniProt protein database.
  • You obtain identification of single proteins for each sample.
  • The analysis report is delivered within 4-8 days.


Do you want to analyze multiple proteins present?

No problem! We can identify multiple proteins by nanoLC-MS-MS.

If you have further needs

  • If you want us to run the 1D/2D gel.
  • Or you want identification of several proteins in each gel band/spot.
  • Perhaps you have specific protein sequences you want us to include in the database search.
  • Maybe you need a high throughput identification of many samples.

Simply send us a request, so we can enter into dialogue with you and meet your specific needs.

Examples from report


Identification of single or multiple proteins

PICK ‘n POST™ ID of single protein by MALDI-MS/MS (in-gel)

  • In-gel trypsin digest, peptide analysis by MALDI-MS/MS
  • Search against UNIPROT database, ID of single protein in sample
  • Sequence coverage map for identified protein


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