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Challenges and Considerations in the Host Cell Protein Analysis for AAV-based Gene Therapy Product​​​​​​​

Live broadcast

In a live presentation on 28 February Yiling Bi, Sangamo Therapeutics, will discuss a case study on the roadmap for Host Cell Protein (HCP) analysis for an AAV-based gene therapy product. In addition, some considerations for choosing (a) specific approach(es) during different clinical development stages will be discussed. Compared to traditional biologics, the quantitation and… Read whole story

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Orchard Therapeutics

MS-based protein profiling of lentiviral vector products for CMC development

Live webinar

Would you like to know how Orchard Therapeutics analyzed and compared protein levels of different lentiviral vector products using mass spectrometry (MS)-based analysis? 📅Join us on 17 January when Albert Molina Gil presents the findings where more than 200 media- and host-cell-related proteins were identified, and >100 were quantified across different products. ❗Interestingly, therapeutic and… Read whole story

Rethink your impurity analysis strategy

Rethink Your Impurity Analysis Strategy


What can you do if you have trouble measuring Host Cell Proteins (HCP) in your product? There can be several reasons why measuring HCP is difficult. E.g.: Your product is on the fast track, and there is no time to develop a process-specific ELISA The complexity of your product makes it impossible to make suitable… Read whole story


Thomas Kofoed presents at Sciex ’22 biopharma meeting

Online event

This online event brings together opinion leaders, top scientists, and industry innovators to share their research in the biopharma field. The technologies presented will be CE and LC-MS. The presentations will also be available on demand after the virtual event. Topics: • Day 1 (27 September): Therapeutic proteins and peptides • Day 2 (28 September):… Read whole story


Current and Emerging Methods for Biotherapeutic Impurity Profiling

Virtual Conference

On 21 & 22 September, Separation Science broadcasts a number of talks and panels discussions, featuring: Martha Stapels, Sanofi Ejvind Mørtz, Alphalyse Jared Auclair, Northeastern University Annu Uppal, USP India Private Limited Weiben Chen, Asymchem Group Free register at


Analyzing COVID-19 vaccine purity using LC-MS technologies


What did our LC-MS analyses of several mRNA- and protein-based vaccines for COVID-19 reveal? A) it found that the product purity and HCP profiles vary substantially between marketed COVID-19 vaccines B) it detected HCPs of potential concern in one of the vaccines Join this Sciex and Alphalyse webinar to get examples of how you can… Read whole story

Analyzing vaccine purity - without an HCP ELISA

How to analyze vaccine purity – without an HCP ELISA


Are you struggling to find a suitable commercial ELISA to monitor the consistency of your vaccine? Maybe you use a novel cell line or have host cell proteins from multiple organisms? Or do you see HCP-ELISA issues, for instance, related to dilutional linearity? Learn how Mass Spectrometry (LC-MS) quantifies each protein impurity – with high… Read whole story


BEBPA HCP conference

Virtual Conference

Preliminary Topics: HCPs in Well-Characterized Products HCP Issues for Non-Antibodies High Quality Reagent Generation and Management HCP Control During the Product Lifecycle Applied use of MS for HCP Identification and Control HCP Assay Lifecycle Risk Assessment of HCPs: Patient and Product Quality Risks NextGen Technologies for HCP Identification and Control Cell Culture and Purification Perspectives… Read whole story

Rethink your Host Cell Protein assay

#Rethink your HCP strategy: MS-based analysis under GMP


Monitor HCP clearance for expression systems without access to an ELISA kit Now you can rethink your HCP assay strategy with mass spectrometry (MS)-based HCP analysis available from a GMP-certified lab. It is ideal when there is no sufficient generic ELISA for your cell line – or when the time to develop a process-specific ELISA… Read whole story

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