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BEBPA HCP conference

Virtual Conference

Preliminary Topics: HCPs in Well-Characterized Products HCP Issues for Non-Antibodies High Quality Reagent Generation and Management HCP Control During the Product Lifecycle Applied use of MS for HCP Identification and Control HCP Assay Lifecycle Risk Assessment of HCPs: Patient and Product Quality Risks NextGen Technologies for HCP Identification and Control Cell Culture and Purification Perspectives… Read whole story

Rethink your Host Cell Protein assay

#Rethink your HCP strategy: MS-based analysis under GMP


Monitor HCP clearance for expression systems without access to an ELISA kit Now you can rethink your HCP assay strategy with mass spectrometry (MS)-based HCP analysis available from a GMP-certified lab. It is ideal when there is no sufficient generic ELISA for your cell line – or when the time to develop a process-specific ELISA… Read whole story

MS Öresund conference

Meet us at the MS-Oresund meeting


CEO, Thomas Kofoed, presents at the MS-Öresund user meeting. He explains how we have moved our Host Cell Protein (HCP) Analysis using LC-MS/MS into a GMP environment and how our scientists use specialized LC-MS/MS techniques to quickly and accurately identify HCPs in complex biopharmaceutical samples.


How to monitor protein impurities to ensure consistent cell and gene therapy products

Live webinar

One of the main challenges of cell and gene therapies is that they are complex and often use several organisms in production. It results in a broad population of process-related impurities from different sources, such as viral proteins, host cell proteins, and growth mediums. In addition, many developers utilize rare growth mediums. With such complexity,… Read whole story

CRO in USA and Denmark - HCP analysis and protein characterization

Webinar: 3 reasons for checking the coverage of your HCP-ELISA


Learn how you can use ELISA-MS™ coverage analysis to a. select the ELISA that best covers specific HCPs in your product or HCPs of concern for product stability and patient safety b. find the reasons behind typical problems with your ELISA c. get a list of the individual HCPs covered in the early process sample – without a null cell line… Read whole story


3rd Annual MarketsandMarkets Cell & Gene Therapy Manufacturing Virtual Conference

Virtual Conference

Attend Ejvind Mortz presentation on Day 1 of the conference program.


Webinar: How to monitor impurities and ensure consistent gene therapies

3.30pm BST | 7.30am PDT | 10.30am EDT

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is increasingly requesting cell and gene therapy developers to measure the characteristics of their complex products. However, many CMC managers cannot find a suitable commercial HCP ELISA. And the short project timelines do not allow for the development of a process-specific ELISA. Thus, many look for orthogonal HCP methods…. Read whole story

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