History of Alphalyse

from PICK 'n POST to customized research

Alphalyse was founded in 2002 as a subsidiary of ACE Biosciences, Denmark, and soon expanded with facilities in California, USA.

Alphalyse primarily assisted ACE with analysis for their protein target discovery in infectious microorganisms and development of protein-based vaccines and monoclonal antibodies. However, the two co-founders Thomas Kofoed and Ejvind Mørtz were so passionate about wanting to create a world-class protein analysis service that they took over Alphalyse in 2005 in a management buy-out. After this, they soon began to expand the company’s services worldwide.

Development of the PICK ‘n POST™ service

In the early years, our two founders followed their ambition: To provide research laboratories all over the world with a fast, affordable and convenient way of outsourcing their protein analysis. Therefore, the ground-breaking PICK ‘n POST™ online-ordering concept for protein ID was soon a reality. The concept was an instant success and was soon expanded with amino acid analysis and intact mass analysis. A second office also soon opened in California to support our many customers in the USA.

Initially, Alphalyse offered just a few standard analysis options. But by popular demand, the portfolio has evolved so that it now includes a large number of analysis options. All of which you can order directly from our website. Our friendly and professional attitude and our easy-to-understand reports remain the backbone of our success.

Moving into customization and research

Alphalyse soon realised that our expertise lies in our ability to understand and deliver on our customers’ individual needs. Through our ties to top protein researchers in Denmark, we are in a unique position to implement the newest research into our test methods. In addition to our fast standard analyses, we now offer a number of customized test, used in the advanced characterization of biopharmaceuticals, including analysis of Host Cell Proteins (HCP). Early 2014, we received a 3-year grant for further development of HCP analysis, taking our expertise to new grounds. In 2016 we received two further grants for development of HCP analysis.

Today, Alphalyse has thousands of customers all over the world. We pride ourselves on supplying personal solutions to our clients in both Pharma, Biotech and Academia in a fast and convenient way through our offices in the USA and Denmark.

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Key milestones:

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