How to order

Guide to ordering our services and setting up an account

Alphalyse is a CRO with lab and offices in Denmark and the US that offers customized and non-customized services.

If you see a fixed price next to the product, it is a non-customized service, and you can order it online. If instead of a price it says “Request quote,” it means that we need more information about your project to prepare a tailor-made analysis proposal.

Ordering online

Pick samples, request proposal, order, ship, receive report
  1. Pick your samples
  2. PRODUCTS W. REQUEST QUOTE: Fill in the contact form to receive a quote. We aim to reply within 24 hours on business days. If needed, you can also set up a confidentiality agreement for your organization.
  3. PRODUCTS W. FIXED PRICE: Select a service and scroll to “Order analysis”.
    • Optional: Ask for a official quote if needed by your organization
    • Fill in your sample information (name, amount etc).
    • Select your preferred shipping method.
    • Provide billing information and report email address – remember to fill in your PO# if you have one.
    • Select a payment method (credit card or invoice net 30 days).
  4. Ship your samples >>>  Check out our guide on shipping samples.
    • Remember to PRINT the sample submission form and INCLUDE it with your samples to avoid delays.
    • You receive an email confirmation with estimated report delivery date as soon as we schedule your test run (you should receive this confirmation email within 1-6 days from our receipt of your samples).

  5. You will receive the report by email, and are welcome to contact us to explain the report in more detail.

If, for any reason, you cannot use our online order system, please fill in this sample submission form instead, and ship it with your samples. Please note that this may delay your order, compared to using the online ordering system, due to extra manual handling time.

Setting up an account

The first time you order online, you must provide your billing and reporting address.

To take advantage of the “My Account” features, you should create a password. “My account” stores your address information and order history, making it easier and faster to re-order.

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