10 January 2018

New project collaboration with Affibody AB on detailed HCP analysis

Just before Christmas, COO Ejvind Mortz visited beautiful Stockholm in Sweden. The purpose of the trip was to discuss the final details of our new collaboration with Affibody AB on analysis of Host Cell Protein (HCP) in biopharmaceuticals over the next 12 months. Alphalyse recently finished a 3-year development project with University of Southern Denmark and… Read whole story

HCP analysis - Antibody drug conjugates
1 December 2017

Middle Level LC-MS Characterization of Site-Specific and Random ADC

Last month, the latest findings on antibody drug conjugates (ADCs) were presented at the European Antibody Congress in Basel, Switzerland. Genovis AB exhibited our joint poster titled “Middle Level LC-MS Characterization of Site-Specific and Random ADC – Impact of Conjugation Method on In Vivo Tumor Uptake”. In this work Alphalyse and Genovis AB collaborated on characterizing… Read whole story

HCP quantification
21 November 2017

Biologics Characterization Workshop – HCP quantification

“Generic ELISAs may underestimate Host Cell Protein content in your drug-product. Mass spectrometry is more accurate and sensitive than both generic and process-specific ELISAs, and much faster to set up than process-specific ELISAs. However, what really makes Mass spectrometry stand out is its ability to identify and quantify each specific Host Cell Protein.” These were… Read whole story

26 October 2017

Alphalyse offers PhD fellowship as part of European innovative training network

11 European companies and educational institutions have teamed up through the “A4B project” (Analytics for Biologics), to offer 15 PhD fellowships within the field of therapeutic protein (TP’s) production and analysis. Alphalyse is among these companies, and is now offering 1 student a 3-year Marie-Curie PhD Position, based in Odense, Denmark. Other positions are available in… Read whole story

protein calculator
29 August 2017

Turn your phone or tablet into a protein calculator

The GPMAW lite protein calculator now also works on a mobile phone or tablet. The tool is free and can be accessed by an internet browser (no need to download an app). This gives you a handy and very flexible tool to immediately answer questions like: What is the molecular weight of my protein? How many N-glycosylation sites… Read whole story

Fraction collection and Lc-MS analysis
1 June 2017

New possibilities for detailed characterization of product related impurities

Most laboratories use Size Exclusion (SEC), Ion Exchange (IEX) and Reversed-Phase chromatograph (RP HPLC) as part of a their protein characterization analysis. However, the chromatography may sometimes leave you with questions about the identity of specific peaks and shoulders in your chromatogram. A molecular weight analysis of the peaks by mass spectrometry will often identify the molecule. For reverse… Read whole story

Host Cell Protein Conference
16 May 2017

BEBPA 2017 – Key topics and take-home messages

The BEBPA Host Cell Protein (HCP) Conference 2017 was again held in charming San Francisco with HCP experts from all over the world. 140 engaged participants from biopharma companies, instrument vendors, CRO’s and regulatory authorities had a very good HCP conference with high level presentations and an excellent forum for discussion of ELISA and orthogonal method. Kevin Van… Read whole story

Identification and Quantification of HCP’s by SWATH LC-MS for Process Development of a Novel Biologic
1 May 2017

Thomas Kofoed, CEO at Alphalyse presenting at the BEBPA 2017 HCP conference in San Francisco this May

We’re proud to announce that Alphalyse returns as platform presenter at next week’s HCP meeting. The event, organized by BEBPA, takes place on 10-12 May in SF, California. Join our presentation to learn how to complement ELISA assays with SWATH LC-MS data from Alphalyse. SWATH LC MS is a new technology which may completely change the way you evaluate… Read whole story

Host cell protein impurities
28 April 2017

Public funding awarded to Alphalyse for development of a method to improve the safety of biopharmaceuticals

Alphalyse has received a large grant for developing a method to identify and quantify the host cell proteins (HCP) in a drug sample. The project takes place in close cooperation with the Swedish biopharmaceutical company Hansa Medical and University of Southern Denmark (SDU). In collaboration we will develop new strategies for host cell protein analysis – by providing… Read whole story

4 November 2016

Alphalyse steps up with two new employees

As of 1st of November, Alphalyse welcomes two new colleagues; Fen Yang and Lis Jakobsen. Fen and Lis join our team of highly dedicated protein scientists. Thus, they will take on the responsibility of helping our customers within the biopharmaceutical industry solve protein analysis issues – mainly related to protein characterization and quantification. The two new employees bring many… Read whole story

Market development fund awards Alphalyse grant for HCP assay validation
3 November 2016

Funding received to validate Host Cell Protein analysis using mass spectrometry

Alphalyse has received a large grant, which we will use to test and validate our newly developed LC-MS/MS methods for Host Cell Protein (HCP) analysis. The testing takes place in close collaboration with two biotech companies from America and Sweden. The collaboration seeks to change the way the industry measures HCP in biopharmaceuticals. We aim for a HCP assay validation test method, for making it… Read whole story

7 October 2016

New detailed characterization service for antibody drug conjugates (ADCs) with various DAR distributions

Alphalyse participates in the annual Eurostars event in Belgium on 13 October. Marie Grimstrup, innovation manager, shares experiences from a Eurostars project. Marie has lead the Alphalyse part of the project since 2015, in collaboration with ChromaCon in Switzerland. Together we develop purification technologies and analytical methods for antibody drug conjugates (ADC). Detailed characterization of antibody drug conjugates (ADCs) with various DAR distributions… Read whole story

Agilent fraction collection
21 September 2016

Identify & quantify a host cell protein with high homology to drug substance protein

In a new HCP homology blog post at the Protein Analysis Blog Rikke Raaen Lund, PhD and protein expert at Alphalyse, describes how you can use mass spectrometry (1D SDS PAGE and nanoLC-MS/MS) to identify and quantify a specific host cell protein in your drug substance. A host cell protein with high homology to your… Read whole story

MS Øresund 2016
17 September 2016

Thomas Kofoed presenting at the BioAnalytical and Formulation Summit in Berlin

Thomas Kofoed, CEO, Alphalyse presents on Wednesday, 14 September 2016 at the Evening Seminar: “Pioneering downstream processing: information and discussion for HCP clearance”  together with Milla Neffling from Sciex Biologics, UK. Thomas Kofoed describes how a consortium consisting of Alphalyse, Statens Serum Institute (SSI) and the Protein Research Group at University of Southern Denmark (SDU) has worked… Read whole story

Unboxing the new mass spectrometer for protein analysis
23 August 2016

How you turn a mass spectrometry transportation box into hours of play and joy!

We do not normally create DIY guides – as we are more of a SOP company.  But we simply have to share this Do-It-Yourself project with you, because the result was so surprising and awesome! Some months ago, our much anticipated TripleTOF® 6600 system arrived in a gigantic wooden transportation box. After unboxing the new mass spectrometer, the… Read whole story

6 June 2016

Alphalyse launches new website and new protein analysis services

We have launched a new array of protein analysis services on the Alphalyse website. These include Peptide Mapping, Antibody Characterization and Host Cell Protein Analysis . You’ll find many other new products on our website. You can now order any protein analysis in less than 10 minutes We introduce a new intuitive order flow. Ordering is now… Read whole story

Danish Ecommerce Awards
23 May 2016

Alphalyse announced first runner-up in Danish Ecommerce Awards

On Wednesday 18 May, the Danish Ecommerce Awards announced the winners and runners-up in twelve categories . Tivoli Gardens Congress Center in Copenhagen hosted the venue, in beautiful surroundings. Alphalyse was nominated for one of the prestigious awards for the very first time. Thus CEO Thomas Kofoed was happily surprised when announced as first runner-up for the award in… Read whole story

low molecular weight host cell proteins
20 May 2016

Alphalyse presents at BEBPA Host Cell Protein Conference in Lisbon

Combining Platform ELISA and Mass spectrometry for HCP analysis of low molecular weight host cell proteins Ejvind Mortz, COO at Alphalyse, together with David Chimento from Rockland immunochemicals presented on Day 1 of the annual BEBPA HCP conference in Lisbon on May 17-19. The topic was “HCP Analysis of a small drug-protein in process sample by… Read whole story

analysis services
29 April 2016

Alphalyse receives Top 5 nomination for Danish E-commerce Award 2016

FDIH has nominated Alphalyse’s online protein analysis services for the Danish E-commerce Awards 2016. The award is organized by the Danish E-commerce Association (FDIH). The aim is to recognize excellent Danish e-commerce companies. This year, FDIH presents the award in 12 categories. The committee today announced the nomination of Alphalyse for the Cross-Border Award 2016. The Cross-Border… Read whole story

MS Øresund 2016
1 April 2016

Alphalyse presents at MS Öresund: User meeting for LC-MS users in the Copenhagen-Malmö-region

COO, Ejvind Mortz, presents at the MS-Öresund conference. He gives his view on Host Cell Protein Analysis Strategies for Protein Biopharmaceuticals using LC-MS/MS and explains how our scientists use specialized LC-MS/MS techniques to quickly and accurately identify HCPs in complex biopharmaceutical samples. Download program

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