Physicochemical Properties

Determination of physicochemical properties according to ICH Q6B guidelines

Alphalyse offers a range of analytical services for determination of Physicochemical Properties. They have been designed according to appendix 6.1.2 in the ICH Q6B guidelines Test Procedures and Acceptance Criteria for Biotechnological/Biological Products.


You can choose between following services

Molecular weight by UV-LC ESI-MS.. (read more)
We determine the exact mw of proteins present in your drug sample.

Extinction coefficient.. (read more)
UV-spectrophotometry (A280) determination of the extinction coefficient of your drug substance protein.

1d and 2d gel electrophoresis.. (read more)
We determine the electrophoretic pattern of your drug sample by 1D or 2D SDS PAGE separation.

Liquid chromatographic pattern.. (read more)
We use UV-HPLC separation to determine the liquid chromatographic pattern of your drug sample.


Send us your project description & we design a service package meeting your needs

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