Protein Quantification

Accurate protein concentration determination of specific proteins in purified or complex samples

What is the protein concentration in my sample?

This is a key question to answer in protein projects. The appropriate protein concentration analysis depends very much on the sample complexity. It also depends on if the quantification needs to be absolute in picomoles & micrograms or just relative to other proteins & samples.

To accommodate this need, we offer a range of protein concentration determination services, including:

  • Absolute quantification of the purified protein batch.
  • Relative quantification of multiple proteins in complex samples.
  • Absolute quantification of single, individual proteins in complex samples.

Our protein concentration determination analyses include:

Quantitative Amino Acid Assay (AAA)  >
Triplicate analysis ensures a very accurate protein or peptide concentration determination.

Extinction coefficient determination  >
Exact quantity of protein determined by amino acid analysis. Calculation of the molar extinction coefficient from dilution series and the protein molecular weight.

Mass spectrometry with quantification by multiple reaction monitoring (MRM)  >
Selective quantification of specific proteins in very complex mixtures.

Label-free quantification by LC MS/MS (send a request for more information)

Send us your project description so we can design a service package that meets your needs.

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