Structural Protein Characterization

Structural characterization of biopharmaceuticals according to ICH Q6B guidelines

Are you looking for analytical services for structural protein characterization?

All of our structural protein characterization services are conducted according to appendix 6.1.1 in the ICH Q6B guidelines. (Test Procedures and Acceptance Criteria for Biotechnological/Biological Products). Our protein scientists use their expertise to provide you with high quality characterization of proteins. Furthermore, we use the newest technology and advanced equipment.

Our experts analyze your samples and present the data results in a detailed report. You can then easily use the data in your further studies of the protein.

You can choose between following protein characterization services:

Amino acid composition  >
We determine the amino acid composition of your drug substance protein by amino acid analysis.

N-terminal Edman degradation  >
We determine up to 25 N-terminal amino acids from your drug substance protein by Edman degradation.

N- and C-terminal sequencing  >
We determine of up to 80 N- and C-terminal amino acids in your drug substance protein by MALDI-ISD.

Peptide mapping against sequence  >
We confirm the theoretical amino acid sequence of your drug substance by LC-MS/MS peptide mapping.

We can also combine our other analysis services to a make a complete characterization package fitting your needs.

Use the project proposal form to send your request and we will provide you with a proposal within 24 hrs.

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