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1 March 2023

Alphalyse welcomes 3 new protein analysts

Our team is growing! Please meet Melissa, Maša, and Christina, our new colleagues. Melissa Fernard Pedersen holds an MSc in Medicine with Industrial Specialization and will be part of our HCP-ELISA characterization team. She has extensive ELISA experience and has researched biomarker assays for patient treatment. 📺 Melissa has previously lived and worked in London,… Read whole story

12 December 2022

We’re hiring: Quality Control Chemist

Do you want to work with analysis of biopharmaceuticals in a GMP environment? Would you like to be responsible for analytical methods developed and validated by Alphalyse and offered to biopharma clients all over Europe and North America? And do you want to help with the automation and digitalization of workflows? Find out more →

1 September 2022

Expansion of GMP and characterization teams

We are excited to welcome two new Alphalyse colleagues, who will join us in providing excellent service, a high level of expertise, and a fast turnaround for our growing number of customers. Please meet Tine Nielsen (Left) and Line Greve (Right). Tine holds an MSc in Biomedicine and has worked as a quality control chemist,… Read whole story

15 August 2022

3 new specialists just joined our team

To further strengthen our high level of service, expertise, and quality of analysis we now introduce three new Alphalyse colleagues: Vicki Nautrup Nielsen (right), Dean Pedersen (middle), and Cecilie Hovitz Lautrup-Larsen (left). 👩‍🔬Vicki is a familiar face, having worked at Alphalyse in 2020 as a biomedical laboratory scientist. She brings 15 years of laboratory experience… Read whole story

6 June 2022

Alphalyse forms new bioinformatics team

Meet Victor Chrone (left) and Vasileios Tsiamis (right) from our newly formed bioinformatics department. They are experts in computational biomedicine, including machine learning and big data management. We will benefit from their expertise e.g., in developing tools to quickly analyze datasets generated by mass spectrometry and combining learnings from more than 250 host cell protein… Read whole story

28 April 2022

Meet our intern, Martine

Who is our intern Martine Mørck Taagholt?She is working on a project to optimize parts of the Alphalyse ELISA-MS™ method. Martine is a Biomedicine MSc student at the University of Southern Denmark – SDU. Here’s what Martine thinks about doing a study-related project for a biotech company like Alphalyse: A company project is a fantastic… Read whole story

5 October 2021

The impurity analysis team expands further

The close proximity of Syddansk Universitet – University of Southern Denmark (SDU) to the Alphalyse Headquarters gives us unique access to very well-educated and specialized employees. This month, we are thus excited to welcome two SDU alumnae, Freja and Sindhu, to our team Sai Sindhu Thangaraj just finished her PhD Thesis in Cardiovascular Inflammation. Sindhu’s… Read whole story

16 August 2021

Alphalyse expands the impurity analysis team

To keep up with the growth in impurity analysis, we have hired two new experienced PhD-level scientists for our team; Rie Bak Jäpelt and Anette Holck Draborg. Rie brings immense experience in mass spectrometry method development and validation, especially for quantitative analysis.She also holds strong qualifications within quality control of analytical methods.For more than 10 years, Rie has… Read whole story

29 January 2021

Alphalyse hires new quality assurance manager

We have added even more power to our team with our new skilled colleague Esben Fisker! Esben joins us as quality assurance manager. He brings experience from Schroll Medical ApS and Novo Nordisk in analytical quality control, laboratory procedures, validation, qualification, and statistical process control, which he will use for improving the quality assurance system… Read whole story

10 December 2020

Meet our two new protein scientists

Sigurd Frederiksen is our new instrument specialist. Sigurd has a robust background in mass spectrometry and proteomics methods from University of Southern Denmark. He has acquired extensive knowledge on characterizing single proteins, focusing on MS/MS fragmentation analysis of peptides and post translational modifications using Thermo Fisher Scientific Orbitrap Fusion Lumos and Q Exactive mass spectrometers…. Read whole story

2 October 2020

Welcome to Victor

This is Victor Chrone – our new laboratory student assistant. Victor is very competent in organizing and helping out in the laboratory – and we are already very dependent on his skills in making buffers and other stock products. Victor is a Master’s student at SDU where he majors in computational biomedicine. A very exiting… Read whole story

6 February 2020

3 new team members join Alphalyse

Two new members joined our team this week: Stine Thyssen (left) and Inga Boll (middle). We asked them what they anticipate the most, working at Alphalyse: “I look forward to using my expertise in protein chemistry to help our customers with their protein analysis. I am happy to be a part of Alphalyse where we… Read whole story

26 October 2017

Alphalyse offers PhD fellowship in EU innovative training network

11 European companies and educational institutions have teamed up through the “A4B project” (Analytics for Biologics), to offer 15 PhD fellowships within the field of therapeutic protein (TP’s) production and analysis. Alphalyse is among these companies, and is now offering 1 student a 3-year Marie-Curie PhD Position, based in Odense, Denmark. Other positions are available in… Read whole story