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    • "Alphalyse´s HCP analysis saved us the development of an ELISA assay that may not have worked anyway."

      Innovative development of an orthogonal method for Host Cell Protein analysis

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    • "Not only do we gain access to their hands, but we also get to pick their brains for mass spectrometry knowledge."

      Protein characterization for optimization of manufacturing processes.

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    • "The most sensitive, yet robust, Host Cell Protein analysis we’ve seen"

      Analyses of key protein features, stability and impurity levels

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    • "They handled the project professionally and rapidly, and the report that was very well written, clearly explaining the findings."

      Targovax ASA, Kristiina Hyvärinen – Director, QC, viral products

    • "Using the Alphalyse LC-MS/MS coverage method in HCP ELISA selection, we estimate a savings of approximately $1M and, likely, one year of development time"

      SAVARA Aps, Horsholm, Denmark Lars Skriver, Senior Science Officer

    • "They quickly presented an optimized method that provided excellent data and clearly separated product related impurities."

      Optimized HPLC analysis of peptides for clinical trials and stable GMP production

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    • "We are very pleased Alphalyses high-quality antibody characterization services. We ship hundreds of samples and always receive the analytic results shortly after."

      High-throughput characterization analysis of antibodies for fast quality assessment

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    • "We shortened the purification process with at least 1 year"

      Detailed host cell protein overview enables targeted elimination of impurities

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    • "With the results from the extensive characterization, we identified a scale-up problem and could optimize the process to increase mAb stability."

      Combining mass spec analyses for mAb characterization and batch-to-batch comparison

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