Customized characterization project

Why does my biologic show reduced activity or stability?

Experienced PhD-level scientists

Get started with a short telephone meeting:

Let’s discuss how you can benefit from a customized characterization analysis:

For instance, to get a map of glycosylations, check the disulfide bridge formation, determine your product’s amino acid sequence and molecular weight, or obtain the exact protein concentration.

Examples of projects, in which we assist, include:

  • Stability studies
  • Protein activity analysis
  • Sequencing of C- and/or N-terminals
  • Peptide mapping against the theoretical sequence
  • Protein separation
  • Molecular weight determination

Are you a Manager or Lead Scientist in Analytical or Process Development?

Then you might be unsure of:

  • The exact content of your process and product samples?
  • The stability and structure of your biologic?
  • How to improve and reduce your downstream process steps?

Or maybe you simply need a second look on your product’s characterization?

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Book a meeting with our consultants to get input for your project

After the meeting, you will have:

  • In-depth knowledge of how services can be combined to fully analyze your product
  • An overview of the services that fit your project
  • The possibility to receive a customized project proposal

Protein analysis service

Why do biotech companies rely on our services?

Since our foundation in 2002, we have completed more than 1000 analysis projects for more than 500 biopharmaceutical customers worldwide.


Not only do we gain access to their hands, but we also get to pick their brains for mass spectrometry knowledge.
Y-mAbs Therapeutics, Inc., USA Torben Lund-Hansen, Head of Technical Operations
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What other customers say:

  • “We can ship them hundreds of samples at once and always receive the analytic results shortly after”
  • “With a disulfide bridge analysis of our antibody, we knew exactly why we were struggling with low stability”
  • “After adding Alphalyse analyses to our own results, we had an overview of protein features, activity and process-related impurity levels”
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Who will benefit from a free intro-meeting?

Our customers develop vaccines, therapeutic products, biosimilars, biopharmaceuticals or are consultants for such companies.

Our experience shows that you get the best results when 2-4 persons from your organization join the meeting.

Depending on the project, you may want to invite the project manager and lead scientists from Analytical- or Process-Development.

Alphalyse - Eppendorf - protein preparation


Why rely on our expertise?

Our lab is highly experienced in studies of biologics by Mass Spectrometry:

  • Our team of dedicated PhD-level experts spent 15 years developing and optimizing our analyses in collaboration with leading experts in the field
  • We apply our services to all types of process samples and all types of expression systems, including CHO, E. coli, yeast etc.
  • To achieve robust results, we use the most advanced equipment on the market – and have completely automated the sample preparation
  • Recognized as an industry expert, we are invited to give talks on relevant conferences, such as the Bioprocessing Summit and BEBPA (annual Host Cell Protein conference)
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It’s free and with no obligations – all you invest is 1 hour of your time

Our goal is that you should end up saving time – our customers speed up their process development and increase their product’s stability using mass spectrometry based services.



Our characterization consultants are usually able to schedule a call with you and your team within a few days.

The meeting is conducted by phone or WebEx.

Our experience shows that you get the best results when 2-4 relevant persons from your organization participate.


During the meeting, we typically cover:

  • A summary of Alphalyse services
  • An introduction to your projects and challenges
  • A discussion of how you can benefit from including high-quality characterization in your processes

Still in doubt how you can benefit from a single hour with our experts?

Consider this:

  • Do you want to avoid project delays?
  • Are you in a hurry and struggle to properly characterize your protein?
  • Would you like to skip months of optimization to increase protein activity and stability?


Let’s set up a meeting so we can learn about your project and give you advice on how you can benefit from Alphalyse characterization services.

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