GPMAW lite

The free online protein bioinformatics tool

GPMAW lite is a free protein bioinformatics tool

With the GPMAW lite bioinformatics tool you can perform basic calculations, like molar mass conversion. Use it on any protein amino acid sequence. Alphalyse developed this free software program in collaboration with Peter Hoejrup from SDU. Peter has also developed the full GPMAW program.

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As a researcher, you can easily acces this free basic bioinformatics tool. Use this great calculator to to get detailed information about any protein, for instance about the protein mass or its sequence. A nice feature is that you can print the information in a user-friendly format. Afterwards, you may include the information in lab books and project files (but please reference our site).

Here you can get a short introduction on how to use GPMAW lite.

If you like our tool, then please refer your friends or colleagues. If you would like a bit more functionality, you can also buy the full version of the software.

Some examples of how you may use the GMAW lite bioinformatics tool:

  • Check the colorize function of GPMAW lite for identification of specific amino acids in your protein.
  • You can also check out the theoretical protease digestion of your protein using GPMAW lite.
  • GPMAW lite helps you to the find molecular weight (MW) and pI of your protein.
  • You can identify N-glycosylation sites in the protein.
  • Finally, use the tool to find the amino acid composition of your protein.

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