BEBPA 2021 Virtual Host Cell Protein conference

May 17 2021

Alphalyse has again been invited to talk at the HCP symposium, on May 17-19, 2021.

The BEBPA HCP Scientific Committee has been working diligently on the agenda. Here is a preview of the topics, talks and symposium structure planned so far:


• HCP ELISA Development and Lifecycle Management
• High-Throughput HCP Analysis
• Individual HCP Impurities
• Improving MS Accuracy and Sensitivity
• 2021 Regulatory Trends for HCPs


• Case Study: Novel Approaches to Development of Process and Product Targeted HCP Reagents
• Regulators Perspective about HCP Regulations
• Case Study: HCPs of Novel Gene Therapy Products
• Case Study: Developing and Qualifying HCP Immunoassay for a Drug Substance Hitchhiker
• Case Study: High-Throughput Platform and Automated Sample Preparation for Host Cell Protein Analysis to Support Downstream Process Development
• Insider’s Perspective: Replacing Key Reagents for Various HCP Assays
• Insider’s Perspective: How to Select a Good Generic HCP Assay
• Case Study: Processing of HCPs and the Impact on Products
• Update on Studies from Center of Excellence in HCP Analysis
• And many more!

The talks this year will be a mixture of podium presentations and Rapid Fire Talks. The Rapid Fire Talks are new, hot stories and/or up-and-coming presenters. Both types of presentations will include Q&A sessions in which you can interact directly with the presenters and ask your questions. These Q&A sessions will be immediately after the presentation and include follow-up time in 30-minute panel discussions.

Download draft brochure here: