7th annual Host Cell Protein Conference 2019 organized by BEBPA

May 16 2019
San Pedro, California, USA

Do you know which HCPs your HCP-ELISA covers – and how well they are covered?
If you’re attending the BEBPA Host Cell Protein Conference in California this May, make sure to join Rikke Lund’s talk on this subject on 16 May.

In addition,

►Ejvind Mortz will co-chair a workshop on Data Analysis Methods for HCP Analysis by Mass Spectrometry on 15 May

►Alphalyse also presents a poster in cooperation with SDU and Savara on better HCP ELISA evaluation

At the BEBPA Host Cell Protein Conference this May you’ll meet experienced colleagues. So just like you, they are on the front line supporting HPC assays in the QC environment. Thus it is a great place for networking and keeping up to date on the latest technology within the field of studying HCPs.

More information available at www.BEBPA.org