Fast Protein Analysis Services

PICK 'n POST™  means protein analysis results in just 4-8 days

Our PICK ‘n POST™ services are fast protein analysis without customization. You order and receive analysis results in a fast and convenient way at fixed prices. We then provide quality results in standard reports which are easy to read and understand.

PICK ‘n POST™ services are the preferred protein analysis tools for many scientists. More than thousand customers all over the world use our services for routine applications in biotech and academic research because they get:

  • High quality at fixed prices.
  • Data presented in easy-to-understand standard reports.
  • Fast analysis results in 4-8 days.

For more advanced or customized analysis, please visit the biopharmaceutical section.

How to order PICK ‘n POST™ analysis in 10 minutes click for details

fast protein analysis

You can choose between the following categories of PICK ‘n POST™ fast protein analysis services:

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