Quantification of free amino acids, peptides and proteins by fast amino acid analysis

Do you want to know the content of free amino acids, of a purified protein, or the total protein amount in just 4-8 days?

We offer fast amino acid analysis services, with an accuracy within 10%. Our lab performs amino acid quantification of protein to determine the absolute amount of individual amino acids. Our specialists can also help you find out the content of a purified protein or the total protein amount. We do this by hydrolysis of your protein sample. This separates your protein sample into free amino acids. Then we perform amino acid composition analysis to quantify the protein.

You will receive the final results in an easy-to-understand report – in just 4-8 days.

You can choose from the following fast amino acid analysis services for quantification of your protein:

Not seeing the amino acid analysis you’re looking for?

We also offer custom designed services. For instance, we can quantify modified or unusual amino acids (like hydroxyproline or hydroxylysine). Our lab also performs amino acid quantification of protein trace amount in food & consumer products. And we offer amino acid quantification of protein for single amino acids following the European Pharmacopoeia.

Send us a request for your quantification project so we can design a proposal that meets your specific needs

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