Molecular Weight Determination

Determination of exact molecular weight of proteins or peptides by mass spectrometry

Do you want to know the exact molecular weight of proteins in your sample?

Our mass spectrometry instruments provide very accurate molecular weight (MW) determination of your proteins. Furthermore, we analyse the heterogeneity of your protein. This also includes post translational modifications.

We offer our fast MW determination services as an express service. This means you get standard results in 4-8 days. In addition, we present the results in a PDF-report that is easy to read and understand.

Our Fast Protein Analysis services provide MW determination by use of the newest technology and equipment.

You can choose between the following molecular weight determination services:

Intact mass 0-50 kDa by MALDI-MS  >
This service is for MW determination for both peptides and proteins below 50 kDa.

Intact mass 0-250 kDa by ESI-MS  >
Select this service for MW determination for proteins up to 250 kDa.

Send us a project request if you have other specific needs.

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