Protein Identification

Identify your proteins by mass spectrometry

Do you want to know the identity of a single or multiple unknown proteins in your sample?

We identify your protein(s) by mass spectrometric peptide analysis, followed by a database search. We use the public protein databases from NCBI and UniProt to search for your protein, containing millions of known protein amino acid sequences from thousands of organisms.

Multiple protein identification… (read more)
First, we perform an in-gel or in-solution trypsin digest, followed by a peptide analysis by nano LC-MS/MS. Afterwards, your data is searched against a protein sequence database, with more than 80 million protein sequences.

Single protein identification… (read more)
We start with an in-gel trypsin digest and peptide analysis by MALDI MS/MS. Then your data is searched against a sequence database, with more than 80 million protein amino acid sequences.

Do you need high-throughput identification of many samples? Or do you need to search against a custom database? – Please send us a project proposal request.

We offer fast protein identification as PICK ‘n POST services: These are standard services, and thus available for online order at a fixed price, and with quick turn-around time. Are you a new user? – Visit this page to read about how to order our PICK ‘n POST services.

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