Protein Sequencing

Determination of the amino acid sequence of proteins and peptides

Want to confirm the amino acid sequence of a specific protein?

We offer two types of peptide and protein sequencing service: N-terminal protein sequencing service by the Edman procedure and Peptide mapping by mass spectrometry. Use our N-terminal Edman protein sequencing service to determine up to 20 N-terminal amino acid residues from your protein. Our peptide mapping service by mass spectrometry provides detailed information about the full protein sequence. Our results are delivered in 4-8 days in a report that is easy to read and understand.

You can choose from the following Fast Protein sequencing services:

N-terminal Edman degradation  >
Get the first 5, 10 or 20 amino acids from the N-terminal.

Peptide mapping against sequence  >
Peptide mapping with trypsin and nano LC-MS/MS. Then we search your data against theoretical amino acid sequence.

Need to know more about your protein or peptide?
Maybe you need to know more than 20 amino acids? – We can determine up to 80 amino acids. Have a look at our structural protein characterization services.
Do you want to search against a specific sequence? – Then we offer peptide mapping against sequence.

Furthermore, you can send us a request so we can design a project proposal for your specific needs.

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