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General Protein Mass Analysis for Windows (GPMAW) is a valuable piece of software. Not only for the molecular biologist, but also for the biochemist or mass spectrometrist. In fact, for anyone WHO wants to perform detailed analysis of a peptide or protein sequence.

The first version of the GPMAW software was released in 1987 and has thus been used by protein specialists for almost 30 years. The original software was programmed by Professor Peter Hoejrup. He built GPMAW on the experience aquired by him and his colleagues at the Protein Research Group at the University of Southern Denmark. Therefore, the software accommodates for most analyticaneeds of protein scientists.

In GPMAW all steps are performed rapidly and intuitively: First you import the protein sequence from a built-in web interface to proteolytic digests. then you may perform theoretical peptide fragmentation, mass spectrometric peptide mapping and database search. Even detailed annotation of sequences and secondary structure prediction is possible in GPMAW.

Here are some features of the full version of GPMAW:

GPMAW Pricing:

The single user license fee:
Europe: EUR 270
North America: USD 340
Other Countries: USD 340

The price is exclusive of any applicable VAT. You receive an invoice payable within 30 days. Pay it by check, bank wire transfer or by credit card.
You will receive a license file by email. It enables you to download the fully functional program package. – You can get started right away.

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If your are not quite ready to buy, you can try our free online bioinformatics tool. This is a lightweight version of GPMAW. GPMAWlite is free to use and it allows you to perform many free protein sequence calculations, though it does not provide the full features of GPMAW.

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Please send us a request regarding our other protein analysis services. We perform everything from peptide mapping to host cell protein analysis. We hold more than 15 years of experience. Contact us today to discuss your project.

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