Host Cell Protein Analysis

Identification and quantitation of HCPs in biopharmaceuticals

Do you want to determine the process-related impurities – or residuals – in your biologic?

Alphalyse offers the most detailed Host Cell Protein detection analysis on the market. Where most suppliers offer ELISA kits or ELISA antibodies, our services are based on SWATH LC-MS to provide total HCP content (ng HCP/mg DS) in each sample.

In addition, you get identification and quantification of each individual host cell protein. All in just 8-12 weeks!

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Our experts in HCP analysis by mass spectrometry can help you in the following areas:

Click the links above for more information. You are also welcome to send us a request with a description of your HCP analysis project, so we can tailor your project proposal. 

Convenience above all

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