Latest news about HPLC analysis

25 January 2018

Worried about small peaks or shoulders in your HPLC chromatogram?

Sometimes your UV-HPLC chromatogram shows small peaks or shoulders. Now we can identify and characterize the peaks observed by your UV. So you can easily confirm if it has detected a product-related impurity. Simply transfer your HPLC analysis method to our laboratory. Then we will couple it to a mass spectrometer and make a full… Read whole story

1 June 2017

Detailed characterization of product related impurities

Most laboratories use Size Exclusion (SEC), Ion Exchange (IEX) and Reversed-Phase chromatograph (RP HPLC) as part of a their protein characterization analysis. However, the chromatography may sometimes leave you with questions about the identity of product related impurities, expressed as specific peaks and shoulders in your chromatogram. A molecular weight analysis of the peaks by… Read whole story