Latest news about mAb analysis

10 April 2019

Video: What is the most Critical Quality Attribute of Biologics?

Many biopharmaceutical proteins are cross-linked by disulfide bonds. They help increase the durability and protect from proteolytic degradation. The disulfide bridge pattern can therefore influence the efficacy and integrity of the final drug product. Thus disulfide bridge mapping is one of the services we often recommend for characterization of biologics. In this short video you follow… Read whole story

13 March 2019

HILIC – Unravel the Glycan Structure of your Antibody

We just published a new blog post on the use of HILIC analysis of glycosylations. In order to get a complete picture of your antibody’s glycosylations you need an analysis at different levels. Typically, you conduct the following analyses: Top-down analysis of the intact mAb. Middle-up approach of the mAb subunits (LC, Fd´, and scFc)…. Read whole story

4 March 2019

Sciex and Alphalyse team up at WORLD ADC in London

In cooperation with SCIEX, Thomas Kofoed gives a short speak on ADC conjugation analysis at the coming World ADC meeting in London. Meet him at Sciex stand no9 for more information on the the subject of Antibody drug conjugates (ADCs). The World ADC meetings provide superb networking for the scientific community working on ADCs within Biotech,… Read whole story

11 October 2018

Sheila Maibom-Thomsen successfully defends PhD thesis

Friday we celebrated Sheila Maibom-Thomsen, who has conducted a PhD-study at the University of Southern Denmark. Sheila did her PhD research in cooperation with Alphalyse, developing novel approaches for characterization of biopharmaceutical monoclonal antibodies. Part of the project was done in collaboration with the Swedish company Genovis. As a result new enzymes for mAb analysis… Read whole story

1 December 2017

Middle Level LC-MS Characterization of Site-Specific and Random ADC

Last month, the latest findings on antibody drug conjugates (ADCs) were presented at the European Antibody Congress in Basel, Switzerland. Genovis AB exhibited our joint poster titled “Middle Level LC-MS Characterization of Site-Specific and Random ADC – Impact of Conjugation Method on In Vivo Tumor Uptake”. In this work Alphalyse and Genovis AB collaborated on characterizing… Read whole story

7 October 2016

Detailed characterization service for antibody drug conjugates (ADCs)

Alphalyse participates in the annual Eurostars event in Belgium on 13 October. Marie Grimstrup, innovation manager, shares experiences from a Eurostars project. Marie has lead the Alphalyse part of the project since 2015, in collaboration with ChromaCon in Switzerland. Together we develop purification technologies and analytical methods for antibody drug conjugates (ADC). Detailed characterization of antibody drug conjugates (ADCs) with various DAR distributions… Read whole story