Molecular weight determination

Determination of exact molecular weight of proteins, peptides or antibodies

Intact mass analysis or molecular weight determination (MW) of peptides, proteins and antibodies are a strong evidence for correct expression of specific proteins. It is also a fast analysis to verify the purity, analysis of post-translation modifications and eventual degradation products.

Top-of-the-line mass spectrometry instruments provide very accurate MW of both proteins and antibodies. We are able to perform the intact mass analysis on a few µg of protein. We determine the MW with an accuracy within 10 ppm (+/- 1 Da for a 100 kDa protein).

The intact mass analysis can be conducted before and after reduction, before and after de-glycosylation, and after specific digest forming sub-units.

You can choose between the following molecular weight determination services:

Send us a project request if you have other specific needs.

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