A4B project on MAM methods
15 November 2018

Video: Magdalena explains her MAM project sponsored by A4B

Magdalena joined Alphalyse back in April, when she came from a position at Genovis AB in Sweden. She takes part in the joint European PhD-fellowship program – also known as Analytics for Biologics (A4B).  For her PhD project Magdalena now focuses on developing Multi Attribute Monitoring (MAM) LC-MS methods. Eventually, we will use these new… Read whole story

mAb characterization
11 October 2018

Sheila Maibom-Thomsen successfully defends PhD thesis

Friday we celebrated Sheila Maibom-Thomsen, who has conducted a PhD-study at the University of Southern Denmark. Sheila did her PhD research in cooperation with Alphalyse, developing novel approaches for characterization of biopharmaceutical monoclonal antibodies. Part of the project was done in collaboration with the Swedish company Genovis. As a result new enzymes for mAb analysis… Read whole story

Sciex HCP workshop
2 October 2018

HCP presentation at “Biologics Characterization Made Easy” in Copenhagen

On 2 October, Thomas Kofoed presented on “Identification and Absolute Quantification of Host Cell Proteins using SWATH Mass Spectrometry.” SCIEX and Phenomenex hosted this event on the recent developments in analytical technologies for biopharmaceutical characterization using Mass Spectrometry and Capillary Electrophoresis. Experts in the field presented the latest innovations in: Routine and advanced workflows for… Read whole story

DHL Alphalyse
16 August 2018

Alphalyse participates in the “Staff Relay Race by DHL”

Our skillful protein scientist, Anette Rasmussen, often goes the extra mile to help out our customers with their protein samples and questions related to protein analysis. Yesterday she showed great spirit when she ran a little over 9 miles (15 km) in the Staff Relay Race by DHL in Odense, to help out two of… Read whole story

Kerstin Poll
19 June 2018

Training on the Sciex X500B QTOF

Kerstin Poll from Sciex is teaching us how to get the most out of our new X500B QTOF. Soon we will be able to help you with new quantitative peptide maps by MAM, find variants of protein pharmaceuticals and with even better analysis of product related impurities.

Customer-driven innovation of prortein analysis methods
14 June 2018

Developing new analysis in collaboration with customers and suppliers

Not satisfied with your current protein analysis method?  Let’s improve it! In this new article you get an example of how we invent new analysis and improve on existing methods in collaboration with our customers and suppliers – leading to cutting-edge LC-MS technology that specifically addresses your challenges. Labiotech.eu ►https://labiotech.eu/revealing-identity-hcp-sciex   “It’s a perfect example… Read whole story

BEBPA host cell protein conference 2018
23 May 2018

BEBPA 2018 – Key topics and take-home messages

The BEBPA HCP meeting 2018 was this time held in Europe – more precisely in beautiful Dubrovnik, Croatia. The conference was again very well planned with a great mix of talks from industry, academia and regulatory authorizations. The BEBPA HCP meeting is the perfect place to get the full picture about current best practice for HCP… Read whole story

Advanced Seminars for Analytical Chemistry
11 April 2018

Ejvind Mortz presents at ESAC by AMCHAM

Today you can meet Ejvind Mortz at the ESAC meeting in Copenhagen, hosted by the American Chamber of Commerce. Come and learn how Host Cell Protein analysis by SWATH LC-MS provides: ★ Identification & quantification of each HCP. – Which makes it easy to compare individual HCPs for both different process samples & final batches. ★… Read whole story

Phd student A4B
5 April 2018

Magdalena Widgren Sandberg just joined our team as part of a joint European PhD-fellowship program

Magdalena Widgren Sandberg just joined our team as part of a joint European PhD-fellowship program – Analytics for Biologics (A4B) – for the production, purification, and analysis of therapeutic proteins. For her PhD project Magdalena will develop Multi Attribute Monitoring (MAM) LC-MS methods for detailed characterization of biologics. Magdalena is from Sweden and holds an… Read whole story

spectral libraries & sample preparation for DIA-LC-MS HCP analysis
22 March 2018

Got plans for Easter?

Why not read this new article on HCP analysis by SWATH® LC-MS: “Evaluation of spectral libraries and sample preparation for DIA-LC-MS analysis of host cell proteins: A case study of a bacterially expressed recombinant biopharmaceutical protein”. Use this link to get 50 days’ free access to the full article – no sign up required (expires… Read whole story

high through-put biopharmaceutical analysis
9 March 2018

Better quality, reproducibility and capacity for high through-put biopharmaceutical analysis

At Alphalyse we are committed to keep up with the evolving needs of our customers. Right now, we are implementing several changes in our laboratory, to further improve our capacity and quality, optimize our workflows, and benefit you through better reproducibility and turnaround time. Strengthening our team On 1st March, Martin Villadsen joined our team… Read whole story

Automated protein sample preparation
1 February 2018

Setting up Cobot for automated protein sample preparation for biopharmaceuticals

Over the past few weeks, Hannah and Michael (Eppendorf) have helped us set up our first automated protein sample preparation protocol for biopharmaceuticals on “Pippi” (epMotion pipetting system). Pippi is our new Cobot (Collaborative Robot) which will help us optimize the work in our digest lab. The goal is to automate standard procedures to further… Read whole story

Size Exclusion, Ion Exchange or Reverse Phase chromatography
25 January 2018

Are you worried about small peaks or shoulders in your HPLC chromatogram?

Sometimes your UV-HPLC chromatogram shows small peaks or shoulders. Now we can identify and characterize the peaks observed by your UV. So you can easily confirm if it has detected a product-related impurity. Simply transfer your HPLC analysis to our laboratory. Then we will couple it to a mass spectrometer and make a full characterization… Read whole story

10 January 2018

New project collaboration with Affibody AB on detailed HCP analysis

Just before Christmas, COO Ejvind Mortz visited beautiful Stockholm in Sweden. The purpose of the trip was to discuss the final details of our new collaboration with Affibody AB on analysis of Host Cell Protein (HCP) in biopharmaceuticals over the next 12 months. Alphalyse recently finished a 3-year development project with University of Southern Denmark and… Read whole story

HCP analysis - Antibody drug conjugates
1 December 2017

Middle Level LC-MS Characterization of Site-Specific and Random ADC

Last month, the latest findings on antibody drug conjugates (ADCs) were presented at the European Antibody Congress in Basel, Switzerland. Genovis AB exhibited our joint poster titled “Middle Level LC-MS Characterization of Site-Specific and Random ADC – Impact of Conjugation Method on In Vivo Tumor Uptake”. In this work Alphalyse and Genovis AB collaborated on characterizing… Read whole story

HCP quantification
21 November 2017

Biologics Characterization Workshop – HCP quantification

“Generic ELISAs may underestimate Host Cell Protein content in your drug-product. Mass spectrometry is more accurate and sensitive than both generic and process-specific ELISAs, and much faster to set up than process-specific ELISAs. However, what really makes Mass spectrometry stand out is its ability to identify and quantify each specific Host Cell Protein.” These were… Read whole story

Alphalyse laboratory for protein analysis - CRO
26 October 2017

Alphalyse offers PhD fellowship as part of European innovative training network

11 European companies and educational institutions have teamed up through the “A4B project” (Analytics for Biologics), to offer 15 PhD fellowships within the field of therapeutic protein (TP’s) production and analysis. Alphalyse is among these companies, and is now offering 1 student a 3-year Marie-Curie PhD Position, based in Odense, Denmark. Other positions are available in… Read whole story

protein calculator
29 August 2017

Turn your phone or tablet into a protein calculator

The GPMAW lite protein calculator now also works on a mobile phone or tablet. The tool is free and can be accessed by an internet browser (no need to download an app). This gives you a handy and very flexible tool to immediately answer questions like: What is the molecular weight of my protein? How many N-glycosylation sites… Read whole story

Fraction collection and Lc-MS analysis
1 June 2017

New possibilities for detailed characterization of product related impurities

Most laboratories use Size Exclusion (SEC), Ion Exchange (IEX) and Reversed-Phase chromatograph (RP HPLC) as part of a their protein characterization analysis. However, the chromatography may sometimes leave you with questions about the identity of specific peaks and shoulders in your chromatogram. A molecular weight analysis of the peaks by mass spectrometry will often identify the molecule. For reverse… Read whole story

Host Cell Protein Conference
16 May 2017

BEBPA 2017 – Key topics and take-home messages

The BEBPA Host Cell Protein (HCP) Conference 2017 was again held in charming San Francisco with HCP experts from all over the world. 140 engaged participants from biopharma companies, instrument vendors, CRO’s and regulatory authorities had a very good HCP conference with high level presentations and an excellent forum for discussion of ELISA and orthogonal method. Kevin Van… Read whole story

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