31 May 2020

Webinar: HCP analysis for data-driven process development

If you work with process development of biologics, you probably rely on HCP ELISAs for Host Cell Protein analysis. But why not apply an orthogonal method as well? By integrating mass spectrometry based analysis in your workflow, you get a tool for intelligent process optimization you can skip comprehensive purification matrices you can choose the… Read whole story

Alphalyse A/S CRO Denmark
1 April 2020

Alphalyse A/S moves into new headquarters

It was quite nerve-wracking to watch the SCIEX TripleTOFs get moved into the new labs. Since the regular staircase was too steep and long, we had to get them in through the fire-escape on the 1st floor! You can watch a video of it here >> We are now getting adjusted to the new surroundings… Read whole story

12 March 2020

Inga Boll receives PhD degree from SDU

Our newly hired Inga Boll successfully defended her PhD on Friday 6 March. Inga thus became one of the last students who was allowed to defend their PhD at Syddansk Universitet – University of Southern Denmark – before it temporarily closed all activities  in response to the COVID-19 pandemic that has now hit most of… Read whole story

5 March 2020

Research article published: Novel coverage analysis by ELISA-MS

In this newly published research article our scientists present a novel coverage method combining ELISA-based immunocapture with protein identification by liquid chromatography–tandem mass spectrometry (LC–MS/MS). Abstract Download article (open-access) >> Monitoring host cell proteins (HCPs) is one of the most important analytical requirements in production of recombinant biopharmaceuticals to ensure product purity and patient safety…. Read whole story

20 February 2020

Webinar: Design the optimal HCP Analysis strategy

Did you know that a ‘good’ HCP analysis strategy should … … be able to detect and document both broad-level HCPs and specific (critical) HCPs? In this 30 minute webinar Ejvind Mortz, COO, covers how to design a strategy for: • Detecting and documenting HCP impurities in process samples and final drug • Making a… Read whole story

New employees Alphalyse
6 February 2020

3 new team members join Alphalyse

Two new members joined our team this week: Stine Thyssen (left) and Inga Boll (middle). We asked them what they anticipate the most, working at Alphalyse: “I look forward to using my expertise in protein chemistry to help our customers with their protein analysis. I am happy to be a part of Alphalyse where we… Read whole story

5 December 2019

Alphalyse A/S moving into new premises next spring

Soon, we’ll be moving our Headquarters to a new central location in Odense, Denmark with more than twice the amount of space – so we can expand our team and add even more instruments The builders just started the transformation, to make the building fit our needs – with state-of-the-art laboratories and open office space…. Read whole story

13 November 2019

We’re hiring: 3 new positions in our Danish headquarters

We seek two additional analytical protein scientists and a laboratory technician for our headquarters in Odense, Denmark to help develop analytical methods for protein characterization, and to perform analysis for our biopharma customers. Our most important asset is our team of highly skilled scientists, who are experts in characterization of biopharmaceutical proteins. Join our dedicated team… Read whole story

fast turnaround at Alphalyse
14 October 2019

Alphalyse awarded “Best Digital Transformation” in Southern Denmark

Whoop whoop!We won the BDO award for best digital transformation in the region of Southern Denmark! The award was accepted at a ceremony last week by a proud Thomas Kofoed (CEO at Alphayse) who said: “It was clear to us from day one that we had to digitalise our processes and we started with our… Read whole story

Analytics for Biologics PhD project on MAM methods
3 October 2019

Christina Johannsen on secondment at Alphalyse for 2 months

Join us in welcoming Christina Johannsen. She will be on secondment at Alphalyse for the next 2 months, and study quantitative methods for biologics. Christina joins Magdalena Sandberg in performing PhD research. Especially intact mass analysis and peptide mapping on a SCIEX X500b mass spectrometer. Thus, we plan to use their new methods for better… Read whole story

Host Cell protein analysis - sample preparation
12 September 2019

‘Pippi’ automates complex & variable protocols for protein analyses

Reproducible sample preparation is perhaps the most important part of protein analysis. See how we managed to fully automate complex sample preparation for high reproducibility – and create a good work environment for our team using an Eppendorf Automation robot. Read article on Eppendorf website >>

Which HCP is your ELISA missing?
6 September 2019

Which HCP impurities is your ELISA assay missing?

Alphalyse now launches a new reproducible method for detecting which individual impurities are measured Join our webinar on Wednesday, 18 September 2019 to learn more: Attend if you are a manager or scientist in R&D or process development and concerned about the Host Cell Proteins (HCPs) in your biologic. ​​​​​​​ ​​​​​​​After participating, you.. → Possess… Read whole story

Successful enterprise of the year 2019
29 August 2019

Alphalyse receives BDO award for Successful Enterprise Of The Year ’19

The award was given because we have shown continues growth for the past 5 years. This has only been possible because of our loyal customers – in both North America and Europe. Thank you for your support! We promise to keep doing our best to help you expand your business – by providing you with… Read whole story

Bioprocessing Summit Boston - Host Cell Proteins
13 August 2019

Bioprocessing Summit: Time to rethink your HCP Coverage analysis?

Your HCP analysis should be both reactive to broader populations of HCPs and more specific to HCPs likely to be in the final product. However, with current methods, based on 2D PAGE and Western Blot, it is difficult to know if both of these conditions are met. If you’re in Boston today, you can experience… Read whole story

2 July 2019

Save €200 on protein identification: Highest sensitivity, lowest price

For more than a decade, Alphalyse has been leading in protein ID services. Because we handle such a high volume, we now pass on the benefits to you. This means: We replace the MALDI analysis by LC-MS for even more accurate results – and faster turnaround if you have many samples.  The Nanoflow LC-MS analysis is upgraded with an Evosep… Read whole story

Review - BEBPA 7th Annual Host Cell Protein Conference
4 June 2019

Review of BEBPA HCP Conference 2019 – Key topics & take-home messages

BEBPA’s 7th annual Host Cell Protein Conference May 15-17th took place in Los Angeles, California. It once again attracted HCP experts from biopharma, service- and technology providers, and regulatory agencies. The organizing committee had again put together a great mix of talks, workshops and round-table discussions. Very importantly, there was also plenty of time for… Read whole story

Katrine Pilely successfully defendes her PhD
2 May 2019

Alphalyse scientist successfully defends PhD thesis

CONGRATULATIONS to Katrine Pilely who Tuesday successfully defended her PhD thesis at the University of Copenhagen. Under supervision of Professor Peter Garred, Katrine Pilely studied how cholesterol crystals activate the immune system. This happens through complement-mediated mechanisms, and therefore contribute to the pathophysiology of atherosclerosis. Katrine further showed how to inhibit the upstream cholesterol crystal-induced… Read whole story

Disulfide mapping
10 April 2019

Video: What is the most Critical Quality Attribute of Biologics?

Many biopharmaceutical proteins are cross-linked by disulfide bonds. They help increase the durability and protect from proteolytic degradation. The disulfide bridge pattern can therefore influence the efficacy and integrity of the final drug product. Thus disulfide bridge mapping is one of the services we often recommend for characterization of biologics. In this short video you follow… Read whole story

HILIC Analysis - Unravel the glycan structure of mAb
13 March 2019

HILIC – Unravel the Glycan Structure of your Antibody

We just published a new blog post on the use of HILIC analysis of glycosylations. In order to get a complete picture of your antibody’s glycosylations you need an analysis at different levels. Typically, you conduct the following analyses: Top-down analysis of the intact mAb. Middle-up approach of the mAb subunits (LC, Fd´, and scFc)…. Read whole story

Sciex and Alphalyse team up at World ADC
4 March 2019

Sciex and Alphalyse team up at WORLD ADC in London

In cooperation with SCIEX, Thomas Kofoed gives a short speak on ADC conjugation analysis at the coming World ADC meeting in London. Meet him at Sciex stand no9 for more information on the the subject of Antibody drug conjugates (ADCs). The World ADC meetings provide superb networking for the scientific community working on ADCs within Biotech,… Read whole story

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