Alphalyse forms new bioinformatics team

6 June 2022

Meet Victor Chrone (left) and Vasileios Tsiamis (right) from our newly formed bioinformatics department.

They are experts in computational biomedicine, including machine learning and big data management.

We will benefit from their expertise e.g., in developing tools to quickly analyze datasets generated by mass spectrometry and combining learnings from more than 250 host cell protein analysis projects.

Victor has worked at Alphalyse as a student assistant for the past two years while finishing his master’s degree at the University of Southern Denmark. Luckily, he liked it here, so we were able to hire him for a PhD position for the next 3½ years.

Vasileios is also a familiar face, as he spent one month at Alphalyse during his PhD studies at the University of Southern Denmark, where he just handed in his Thesis.

Like Victor, Vasileios holds an MSc in Computational Biomedicine and has worked on Computational Proteomics during his PhD, including quantitative, statistical, and downstream analysis of MS-based proteomics data.

🎈🎈Fun facts about our two “new” colleagues:

Victor bikes 24 kilometers to work every day!
Vasileios speaks fluent Greek and is a curry addict!