Alphalyse offers PhD fellowship in EU innovative training network

26 October 2017

11 European companies and educational institutions have teamed up through the “A4B project” (Analytics for Biologics), to offer 15 PhD fellowships within the field of therapeutic protein (TP’s) production and analysis.

Alphalyse is among these companies, and is now offering 1 student a 3-year Marie-Curie PhD Position, based in Odense, Denmark. Other positions are available in Germany, Sweden, Norway, Netherlands, United Kingdom and Austria.

More specifically, the A4B project aims at

  • developing methods for effective removal of TP’s with improved purification methods
  • developing analytical tools to qualitatively and quantitatively detect the diverse TP’s

During the 3 years each PhD student will work independently on a specific project within the field of therapeutic protein production and analysis. This work will be partly done in cooperation with the other PhD students assigned to the program.

In addition, there will be training schools, soft skills training sessions and workshops hosted at the different institutions, including 6 external partner companies. Each PhD student will be enrolled in academic courses at one of the participating academic institutions.

For information about the A4B project and the other 14 PhD positions, please refer to the A4B website


Press contact: Thomas Kofoed