Ejvind Mortz presents at ESAC by AMCHAM

11 April 2018

Today you can meet Ejvind Mortz at the ESAC meeting in Copenhagen. Come and learn how Host Cell Protein analysis by SWATH LC-MS provides:

  • Identification & quantification of each HCP. – Which makes it very easy to compare individual HCPs for both different process samples & final batches.
  • Direct application of the analysis to your samples. – You need not spend time on neither immunization nor assay development.
  • Robustness. – Because we obtain reproducible data by microflow SWATH® LC-MS.


ESAC is hosted by the American Chamber of Commerce. It is a unique industry event about new developments in instruments and methods. Also, leading scientific researchers from all fields of analytical chemistry present their experiences, methods, and their latests results.

You can read more about the event, and also coming events, here: http://amcham.dk/index.html?pid=103751