Don’t rely solely on ELISA for HCP evaluation in process development

6 February 2019

Why it’s a bad idea to rely solely on ELISA assays for HCP evaluation in process steps.
– And 3 remarkable improvements you gain from adding a LC-MS based HCP assay.

On Thursday 28 February Thomas Kofoed conducts a short webinar.

Learn how an LC-MS based HCP-assay greatly decreases the risk of failing due to Host Cell Protein impurities. And is thus a great addition to your Host Cell Protein ELISA assays.

At this 30 minute webinar:

✔️ You learn of the of risk relying solely on ELISA assays for HCP evaluation. (#1 reason why so many of our customers use our LC-MS based Host Cell Protein analysis for process development).

✔️ You will see examples of how an LC-MS based HCP assay evaluates the difference between batches. And how it provides information on which parameters that give specific results.

✔️ Bonus: We will go over 4 customer cases. The first case shows how a customer used an LC-MS assay for documenting the clearance of HCPs during a 6-step purification process. In another case we will see how info about specific HCPs was used for targeted optimization of the process.

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