2019 New Year Resolution: No more Western Blotting!

3 January 2019

Yes, we are determined to wipe out Western Blotting as the standard HCP-ELISA coverage analysis. To meet customer demand, our HCP team is thus stepping up with yet another team-member; Katrine Pilely.

Since new year, Katrine has taken part in the Alphalyse onboarding program and she is now ready to provide customers with useful information about the coverage of their HCP-ELISAs.

Katrine has a high-level education, including a PhD degree, within the fields of clinical immunology, cell biology, microbiology. Her main method expertise includes ELISA, protein purification and expression, and antibody characterization. Other fields of experience include flow cytometry, bacterial/cell culturing and murine animal caretaking. Thus at Alphalyse, Katrine’s focus is on the application of immunopurification and mass spectrometry to HCP detection.

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