HILIC – Unravel the Glycan Structure of your Antibody

13 March 2019

We just published a new blog post on the use of HILIC analysis of glycosylations.

In order to get a complete picture of your antibody’s glycosylations you need an analysis at different levels.

Typically, you conduct the following analyses:

  • Top-down analysis of the intact mAb.
  • Middle-up approach of the mAb subunits (LC, Fd´, and scFc).
  • Bottom-up characterization of the N-glycopeptides.
  • Free N-glycan analysis.

In the article Thomas Kofoed describes the different analysis possibilities. You also learn about the benefits of a HILIC analysis.

The HILIC solution is particularly beneficial for biologics. Biopharma companies thus use it for control of glycoprotein product quality and consistency.

►Unravel the glycan structure of your antibody (2 minute read)