Poster: Detailed analysis of Host Cell Protein in process samples

6 December 2018

Together with Sciex AB we have made a scientific poster on detailed analysis of the Host Cell Protein in process samples.
The poster describes our fast LC-MS method that is based on SWATH technology.

Since the method is generic, you can apply it to biopharmaceutical processes within a few weeks.

The method can be used for

  • Analysis of Host Cell Protein (HCP) in complex in-process samples.
  • Ide and quantification of each individual HCP.
  • Quantification of the total HCP content.

The analysis consists of a three step procedure:

  1. First step is the sample preparation – in an Eppendorf® epMotion pipetting robot.
  2. Then follows the mass spectrometry analysis – in a Sciex® TripleTOF 6600.
  3. Finally, we make data analysis and reporting on the content of Host Cell Protein.

Download the poster here: