Meet our intern, Martine

28 April 2022

Who is our intern Martine Mørck Taagholt?
She is working on a project to optimize parts of the Alphalyse ELISA-MS™ method.

Martine is a Biomedicine MSc student at the University of Southern Denmark – SDU. Here’s what Martine thinks about doing a study-related project for a biotech company like Alphalyse:

A company project is a fantastic opportunity! Because:

➊ I experience an example of the work-life I may have after my studies.

➋ It is a nice break from lectures allowing me to use my theory and work hands-on in the lab.

➌ The project gives me a unique possibility to expand my network and try new methods in a professional laboratory

Some fun facts about Martine:

  • She is 24 years old and loves everything with water, like diving and snorkeling 🤿🧜🏻‍♀️
  • However, she is also fond of cooking and knitting.