Meet our two new protein scientists

10 December 2020

Sigurd Frederiksen is our new instrument specialist.

Sigurd has a robust background in mass spectrometry and proteomics methods from University of Southern Denmark.

Sigurd Frederiksen, Instrument specialist

He has acquired extensive knowledge on characterizing single proteins, focusing on MS/MS fragmentation analysis of peptides and post translational modifications using Thermo Fisher Scientific Orbitrap Fusion Lumos and Q Exactive mass spectrometers.

At Alphalyse Sigurd will apply his knowledge to ensure we utilize the potential of our mass spectrometers optimally.

We also have a new protein analyst in our characterization team, Line Koch.

Line Koch, protein analyst

Line holds a Ph.D. in Health and Medical Sciences. Her background in protein characterization encompasses various biophysical and biostructural techniques, e.g. bioassays and liquid chromatography.

At Alphalyse, Line will develop and optimize analytical methods for biopharmaceutical characterization, including protein and peptide chromatography for stability analysis.