Turn your phone or tablet into a protein calculator

29 August 2017

The GPMAW lite protein calculator now also works on a mobile phone or tablet. The tool is free and can be accessed by an internet browser (no need to download an app).

This gives you a handy and very flexible tool to immediately answer questions like:

  • What is the molecular weight of my protein?
  • How many N-glycosylation sites are present in my protein?
  • What peptides do trypsin cleavage generate?
  • What is the amino acid composition in my protein?

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Each month, more than 1.000 scientists access the GPMAW lite protein calculator

GPMAW lite is a favorite bioinformatics tool” of many researchers and students. Mainly because it is so easy to use.

You just paste in the protein sequence. You can also load it from the UniProt database. Next, select from the following analysis options:

  1. Protein information (basic molecular weight and theoretic calculated molar absorbance. Also, Extinction coefficient, Isoelectric point and Hydrophobicity index).
  2. Amino Acid Composition (table with numbers and % of individual amino acids, plus any unusual amino acids in the sequence).
  3. Protease digest (list of peptides and their sequences, MH+ and pI and expected retention time in a reversed-phase HPLC run).

Calculate the results in a matter of seconds. – Then copy them into your reports.


Give it a try – Investigate your protein now with the GPMAW lite calculator  >>