Peptide mapping

Detailed protein characterization by peptide mapping

Peptide mapping is a critical part of any protein characterization project. It is used to confirm the amino acid sequence of your protein, and also to obtain detailed information about post translational modifications (PTMs) and eventual truncations.

The principle is to use a specific protease for digestion turning the protein into peptides. We perform peptide characterization by LC-MS/MS using the peptide mass (MS) and the fragmentation pattern (MS/MS) for each peptide.

To get as high sequence coverage as possible it is important to select the right proteases. We will therefore like to perform bioinformatics analysis of your specific protein to be able to advise you about the type and number of proteases to apply for your project.

You can choose your preferred analysis from the following services:

Send us your project description so we can design a proposal that meets your needs.

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