Identify your proteins and peptides by mass spectrometry analysis


Protein identification using mass spectrometry is a powerful tool. You can use it identify or verify a single protein, and also for identification of multiple proteins in complex samples. The analysis works for both in-gel samples or in-solution samples. The service includes a digest of protein material using a protease followed by MS and MS/MS sequencing.

Protein identification is made by matching the obtained data to the public protein database from UniProt. This is the best available database, as it contains more than 100 million known protein sequences from thousands of organisms.

Multiple protein ID  >
First, we perform an in-gel or in-solution trypsin digest, followed by a peptide analysis by nanoLC-MS/MS. Afterwards, we search your data against a protein sequence database, with more than 100 million protein sequences.

Single protein ID  >
We start with an in-gel trypsin digest and peptide analysis by MALDI MS/MS. Then we search your data against a sequence database, with more than 100 million protein amino acid sequences.


It is also possible to perform peptide identification by MS and MS/MS sequencing. Our analysis is for in-solution samples and the acquired MS data is searched against UniProt for accurate identification of the peptides in your solution.

Peptide ID  >
We perform LC-MS analysis of your in-solution samples and identify a single peptide or multiple peptides in the complex solution.

Do you need high-throughput protein/peptide identification of many samples? Or do you need to search against a custom database? – Then please send us a project proposal request.

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