Effective 1D/2D PVDF staining protocols (for N-terminal sequencing)

May 24. 2016

For N-terminal Edman sequencing SDS PAGE you can electro-blot the separated proteins onto PVDF membranes. After PVDF staining you may then cut out the protein bands/spots.

However, not all staining methods are compatible with N-terminal Edman sequencing. Thus, the recommended methods include:

  • Ponceau S
  • Coomassie Blue
  • Amido Black
  • Fluorescence Sypro Ruby staining

NB: Silver staining and Western blots do not work in combination with Edman sequencing!

Free protocol for optimal electroblotting & PVDF staining

Below you will find a link to easy (and free) step-by-step protocols for optimized blotting. So far, they have been downloaded more than 7000 times!

Click here to download free PVDF Blotting and Staining Protocols.

N- and C-terminal sequencing from PVDF membrane


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