Amino Acid Analysis

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Why you need accurate concentration determination of protein standards

How do I quantify my protein standard? Have you ever questioned the quantitative data you get from Bradford, Lowry or BCA protein quantification...

Jan 18. 2017 | Thomas Kofoed |
Extinction coefficient protein concentration

Find the Molar Extinction Coefficient of your protein in 3 small steps

Question: I have a purified protein that I would like to quantify accurately in my lab using 280 nm UV measurement...

Nov 15. 2016 | Thanh Ha Nguyen |
Amino Acid analysis

4 things to remember about Amino Acid Analysis of proteins & peptides

Amino acid analysis is a method to determine the absolute amounts of individual amino acids in a sample. The method...

Sep 23. 2016 | Ejvind Mørtz |
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