Analysis of Biopharmaceuticals

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Speedy and detailed protein ID of SDS gel bands

Question: Can I identify hundreds of gel bands in a few days? The biopharmaceutical company I work for consistently uses SDS PAGE...

Jun 9. 2020 | Thomas Kofoed |
mAb analysis by peptide mapping

Assessing and monitoring the quality of therapeutic mAb products

Question: Which analyses should be part of mAb characterization? I need to ensure the quality and consistency of my mAbs. Do you...

Nov 25. 2019 | Thomas Kofoed |
1000 proteins quantified in e. coli mock lysate - HCP

Simple way to perform label-free quantification of Host Cell Proteins

Question: How can I improve label-free quantification of HCP? I find it difficult to get an accurate label-free quantification of Host Cell...

Jun 25. 2018 | Ejvind Mørtz |

How do ‘Jackpot HCPs’ and a ‘Lucky Goat’ influence my ELISA results?

Question: Why do HPC ELISAs give different results? I tested two different HCP ELISA kits on my biopharmaceutical. Why do they give...

May 28. 2018 | Anette Draborg |
UV-HPLC data analysis

How to identify peaks observed by UV-HPLC in stability studies

Question: How do we identify the peaks observed by UV-HPLC? We have developed a Reversed-Phase (RP) UV-HPLC chromatography data analysis method for...

Jan 24. 2018 | Thomas Kofoed |
What is SWATH?

What is SWATH mass spectrometry and its advantages?

The mass spectrometry SWATH analysis can analyze host Cell Proteins (HCPs) in protein biopharmaceuticals. It provides both identification and quantification...

Jun 22. 2017 | Thomas Kofoed |
Use triplicate AAA to find the correct concentration of your protein standard

Why you need accurate concentration determination of protein standards

Question: How do I quantify my protein standard? How do I quantify my protein standard? Is it true that if done incorrectly,...

Jan 18. 2017 | Thomas Kofoed |
Extinction coefficient protein concentration

Determine the Molar Extinction Coefficient of protein in 3 small steps

Question: How do I determine the molar extinction coefficient of my protein? I have a purified protein that I would like to...

Nov 15. 2016 | Thanh Ha Nguyen |
Analysis method for Mw HCPs (small HCPs) below 20 kDa

Identification of small host cell proteins (small Mw HCPs)

Question: How do I identify HCPs with low molecular weight? I work on a drug substance protein with a mass of 15...

Oct 11. 2016 | Ejvind Mørtz |

Host Cell Protein monitoring in process development – using mass spec

Mass spectrometry-based Host Cell Protein identification and quantification The Mass Spec Host Cell Protein (HCP) assay is applied for monitoring product...

Oct 2. 2009 | Ejvind Mørtz |
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