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Antibody characterization

Assessing and monitoring the quality of therapeutic mAb products

Question:   I need to ensure the quality and consistency of my mAbs. Which analyses should be conducted?   Answer:   For several years, monoclonal antibodies...

Nov 25. 2019 | Thomas Kofoed |

How to characterize antibody glycosylation by HILIC-MS

Question:   What is N-glycosylation and how do I characterize the N-glycosylation of my antibody? Is it possible to compare batch-to-batch variations?   Answer:   Glycosylation is...

Mar 4. 2019 | Thomas Kofoed |

4 reasons why N-terminal sequencing should be done by Edman degradation

Question:   How do I obtain the N-terminal sequences of the heavy chain and light chain of my monoclonal antibody?   Answer:   mAb N-terminal sequence...

Apr 26. 2017 | Ejvind Mørtz |
Application note - mAb

What purity is required for de-novo sequencing of my antibody?

Question:   My monoclonal antibody is not 100% pure, what is the purity required for de-novo sequencing?     Answer:   We typically observe two types of protein impurities in...

Mar 20. 2017 | Fen Yang Reske-Nielsen |
100% sequence coverage map of antibody

Antibody de-novo Sequencing: How to get 100% sequence coverage

Question:   Is it possible to perform a de-novo sequencing of my purified monoclonal antibody without the hybridoma cells?   Answer:   Yes! – Your purified antibody can...

Mar 17. 2017 | Fen Yang Reske-Nielsen |

Why disulfide bridges are critical quality attributes of biologics

Question:   The activity of my biopharmaceutical protein is low, and I suspect that it is related to decreased protein stability. What...

Mar 7. 2017 | Thomas Kofoed |
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