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Coverage analysis of ELISA

Our new HCP coverage analysis based on immunocapture with ELISA polyclonal antibodies followed by LC-MS/MS protein identification is a breakthrough in evaluation of ELISA HCP coverage. The analysis is performed on the native HCP antigens and provides a list of individual HCPs recognized by the ELISA antibodies.

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HCP analysis

We offer a broad range of LC-MS based analyses of Host Cell Proteins that can be applied from the onset of your project and throughout the development phase. Apply the analysis on its own or in combination with ELISA assays for detailed analysis of process-related impurities in your biologic

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GPMAW lite

GPMAW lite is a free protein bioinformatics tool with which you can perform basic calculations, like molar mass conversion. Use it on any protein amino acid sequence and get info about pI, MW and amino acid composition

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In good company

For more than 15 years we have provided detailed protein
ms analysis service to customers all over the world. Among our customers you find both small and large scale biotech companies
and 8 of the top-10 pharmaceutical companies.

"We are very pleased with the work of Alphalyse, who provide us with high-quality tests of our recombinant products. Perhaps most importantly, we can ship them hundreds of samples at once and always receive the analytic results shortly after"

GTP Technology, FranceGrégori Gross - PhD, Bid Manager

"We really enjoy collaborating with Alphalyse as part of our optimization of manufacturing processes. Not only do we gain access to their hands, but we also get to pick their brains for mass spectrometry knowledge"

Y-mAbs Therapeutics Inc, USATorben Lund-Hansen - PhD, SVP, Head of Technical Operations

"Alphalyse´s HCP analysis saved us for development of an ELISA assay that may not have worked anyway. The HCP team provided very competent explanations of test results and was very open in discussing the method capabilities"

Statens Serum Institut, DenmarkMax Kristiansen - MSc, Special Consultant Assay Development

"Using the Alphalyse LC-MS/MS coverage method in HCP-ELISA selection, we estimate a savings of approximately $1M and, likely, one year of development time"

SAVARA Aps, DenmarkLars Skriver - Senior Science Officer

Professional protein analysis service for the biopharmaceutical industry

Since 2002 Alphalyse has provided standard and custom protein analysis services to the pharmaceutical industry, biotech companies and universities worldwide. Over the years, we have serviced thousands of customers from our laboratory and offices in Denmark and the USA.

Alphalyse is a contract research laboratory (CRO), proficient in protein chemistry, mass spectrometry and bioinformatics. Our team of dedicated and highly skilled protein scientists is committed to helping your bring your processes forward, by analyzing proteins using top-of-the-line equipment.

We have obtained a lot of knowledge over the years through our many projects

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