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Professional services for process development of biopharmaceuticals

We help you analyze and optimize your biologics

Alphalyse is a contract research laboratory (CRO). We use our passions for protein analysis to help our customers optimize their development and manufacturing of biopharmaceuticals.

Since 2002 we have serviced thousands of customers worldwide from our laboratory and offices in Denmark and USA

We work together with many industry leaders in the field of protein analysis. This gives us a unique access to top-of-the-line equipment, to new protein chemistry tools, and to the latest research.  Thus, we have developed multiple new and unique solutions, e.g. Quantification of Host Cell Protein (HCP), and MAM analysis of biologics.

Our most important asset is our team of highly skilled scientists. They are all experts in the characterization of biopharmaceutical proteins. Therefore, they assist in areas such as identification of impurities, stability studies, and analysis of process batches for manufacturing purification.

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