Host Cell Protein Analysis

Identification and quantitation of host cell proteins in biopharmaceuticals

Unique mass spectrometry service for Host Cell Protein analysis (HCP)

Alphalyse offers Host Cell Protein analysis for identification and quantification of each individual host cell protein, and quantitation of the total HCP content (ng HCP/mg DS).

Host cell proteins (HCP’s) are the most important process-related impurity in recombinant biopharmaceuticals. HCP’s may effect drug safety and efficacy, and some HCPs may cause adverse effects in patients. HCPs can impact the drug stability by proteolytic and lipase activity.

Alphalyse provides Host Cell Protein analysis by mass spectrometry in the following areas:

Identify Host Cell Protein for bioprocess optimization.. (read more)

  • Identification of HCP in each process sample.
  • Physical properties of each host cell protein (aa sequence, Mw, pI, hydrophobicity).
  • Comparison of host cell proteins between process steps and host cell protein clearance.

Analysis of HCP levels for pre-clinical and clinical batches.. (read more)

  • Identification of host cell proteins in GMP batches.
  • Documentation of host cell protein clearance for PAT and process validation.
  • Absolute quantification of specific host cell proteins.

Quantification of Host Cell Protein of concern by MRM.. (read more)

  • Identification of HCP of potential concern in drug substance.
  • Feature analysis of identified host cell proteins.
  • Monitoring and quantification of specific host cell protein of concern based on your risk assessment.

Comparison of process related impurities in multiple lots of biosimilar and originator.. (read more)

  • Quantification of individual host cell proteins in biosimilar and originator.
  • Identification of single host cell protein in biosimilar and originator.
  • Comparison of host cell protein in biosimilar and originator.

You are welcome to send us a request with a description of your host cell protein analysis project. 

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